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College Quest Alliance   MEMBER: Code of Ethics

Members in good standing may use this logo to indicate their affiliation with the College Planning Standard of Excellence.

College Quest Alliance is an organization comprised of members holding various licenses, backgrounds and areas of expertise, but singularly committed to providing excellence in college planning service, solutions, and counsel they offer clients and customers as well as other members.   The CQA Directors have approved this code of ethics and expect all Members to adhere to the following business practice requirements.

First Objective in all Client/Customer relations

All recommendations will seek FIRST to address the needs and wants of the client / customer.  While profitability is necessary to ensure sustainability, profit will never come before value to the client as EXPRESSED by the client. 

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Every CQA Member must comply with all laws, regulations compliance requirements governing their specific practice as it pertains to their College Planning or College Services practice.

Specific Recommendation components

As insurance products often provide a variety of advantages as it pertains to College Funding and risk management, the recommendation and implementation of all insurance products will be done so with a clearly outlined objective accompanied by a client discussion and agreement that the objectives and products are in line with the client’s goals. 

Any fee charged for College Services rendered will be clearly identified to the client with mutual agreement as to the collective value prior to engagement.

Expertise in Counsel

All CQA Members commit to retaining current knowledge in order to provide their clients / customers with valuable, relevant and timely solutions to the challenges they face.  In the event a client has expressed a need that falls outside of the realm of expertise or licensure of the CQA Member, that member will commit to seeking to resolve the situation through the Alliance, through their network of professional referral sources.  In cases where a client’s stated needs cannot be satisfied by the CQA Member or through their association with the Alliance nor through any trusted referral source, the CQA Member is required to identify their inability to service the stated need to the client / customer. 

Responsibilities to the Alliance

Every CQA Member will seek to maintain a level of professionalism, positive attitude, and a moral compass reflective of the high standards of the Alliance as a whole.  Every member understands that their actions reflect on the entire membership and as such, will always seek to elevate their standards of operation.