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The Five Reasons to Consider joining CQA

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If you have an interest in college planning in either of the two referenced capacities (Financial or Academic), you should consider joining CQA. 

TO JOIN CQA where you will enjoy the full benefits of membership including weekly webinars, resource sharing (presentations, marketing, practice management and case design discussions) it is expected that you can demonstrate expertise in some area of college planning in order to advance the group based on your expertise and desire to help.

If you are a financial professional seeking to learn more about college
planning, we would refer you to our training partner, Cumulus College

Quest who can provide excellent training including CEU's for individuals
holding the CFP designation.

Most College Planning Groups are run by a single individual or a small group operating under the assumption that they have all the answers.
CQA is a member driven group where expertise is available from the founders, but also from every member.  In fact, your membership should be considered equal parts contributor and benefactor.  We believe strongly that every member has something to contribute, something they do with great success, an aspect of their practice they are willing to share with the group that may benefit the entire group.

Every week you will be invited to a LIVE webinar during which you will hear guest speakers from every aspect of the College Planning world: Financial Aid Officers, Admissions Counselors, Tax Professionals, Scholarship and Test Prep experts as well as vendors of particular services (many of which will offer member discounts).  We will also incorporate into the webinars, practice management discussions, tools, and presentations as well as introduce case design concepts.  Past presentations have included High Net Worth /  High Income solutions, Understanding the value of MEC contracts in college planning, and a discussion of fee setting considerations.  ALL WEBINARS ARE RECORDED and available for member review.  
Live webinars are held weekly on Mondays at 2pm EST.

Resource archive:  Members are encouraged to consider making a contribution to our resource archive where you will find presentations, forms, marketing materials, client letters, engagement contracts, as well as a host of other materials that you are invited to edit for your own use

Private Discussion Forum:  We maintain a private LinkedIn discussion board for members ONLY. Here you will be able to post questions, scenarios or other topics of interest to the membership.  In nearly every circumstance where a member experiences an unusual scenario for the first time, another member may have already handled that same scenario and be able to offer considerable guidance.  On the discussion board you may also find announcements to college related events, articles, statistics, web-links and blogs as well as timely announcements from the Department of Education. The discussion board serves as your "team" of college planning resources and an ample source of learning and teaching opportunity.

SPECIAL BENEFITS:  As the group grows, we continue to attract quality service providers who invariably offer discounts to our members.